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Happily Ever After

*Recent Happily Ever Afters*

Our favorite part of rescuing senior dogs and cats are the wonderful people and families who adopt them! These senior pets have recently found loving families! Enjoy!


Apply to adopt Charmin

Charmin, age 8, adopted 3/10

Charmin is doing wonderfully! I’m so happy you let me adopt her, she’s just the sweetest thing. I’m calling her Lady GaGa now, as I think it fits her! She’s exploring the house and getting along with my other cat. She’s purring all the time and I think she’s really happy. Feel free to check on her any time! She is just the greatest cat!

-Kim D.


Snowball, age 11, adopted 11/09

Hi Everyone- Just wanted to let you know, that Snowball has really adapted nicely to our home. He loves to get brushed everyday.  He basically leaves my other cat alone although he does talk to her a lot trying to win her over!  He’s just such a lovable and social cat!  He enjoyed watching a video on Sunday and was “glued” to the TV for over an hour watching all the birds and squirrels!  Thanks again for letting me adopt such a wonderful guy!

-Sharon P.


Apply to adopt Winnie

Winnie, age 7, adopted 3/10

I’m Winnie,  and I am now with my forever home! I’m so happy! There are lots of other senior kitties who need homes, so please take a look at them!


Apply to adopt Ben

Ben, age 6, adopted 4/10

I love Ben’s playful spirit. He’s so playful and fun, he makes my heart sing. He’s such a good fit with my cats and my other dog, Rosie. He just smiles all the time. We’re working on listening, but he’s so sweet, I have to laugh. We’re going to go to training classes together, as I think it’s such a great bonding experience and will be lots of fun! Life has been so much fun with Ben. He just doesn’t understand the concept of not partying! Thank you so much for my wonderful and sweet boy!

-Barb U.


Bitsy, age 10, adopted 3/10

I got little Bitsy today (brought Teddy and Mia in the car for a ride, too) and took her directly to Petsmart to get some little “pink” things for her – a little white sweater, an orchid little fleece, a little pink collar and pink leash with a heart on it AND a special little doggie bed.  Teddy and Mia have taken to her very well already, they are so curious and she runs around the house checking everything out. She definitely is a little lap doggie and snuggled right in my lap as we were driving. My husband also loves her and can’t get over what a little lover she is – she sits in his lap for hours at a time while he’s in our sunroom watching TV.  I think Bitsy will have fun with her buddies, too! We love her!

- Pam D.


Apply to adopt Buffy

Buffy, age 8, adopted 2/09

Fluffy is part of the family now.  We re-named her Buffy for our liking and she can hear it better.  She is definitely a vampire slayer becasue she is fearless.  I have been taking her to the small dog park (on leash when there are many dogs) in Deerfield and she does better each time I think. We will take good care of her.  We took a trip to TN last month and she was a good traveller.  She found her captain’s chair in the van or slept near Goldie or on Jeanette’s lap the the whole time.

- Keith & Jeanette K.


Apply to adopt Charlie

Charlie, age 7, adopted 3/10

Charlie is doing very well,  it seems like he has always been here.  He enjoyed going to Grandma’s at Easter, they have a open 100 acres of wildlife, creek, lots of smells and a golf cart he loved riding in to explore it all.  He has not yet figured how or why the family is up at 5:00am but riding in trucks, tractors, and having people in and out all day make farm life okay.  Thank you for all your time and commitment to Charlie and the others.  He is a great addition to our family.

-Beth G.


Coco, age 9, adopted 1/10

Coco is a doll and we are enjoying her immensely. She and Sid the alpha-but-lonely cat are working on their small differences but do now spend time licking each other and walking slowly with each other. She is a loving, gracious and smart girl. She offers everyone gentle kisses. She has been perfect in the house and now understands that the dog beds are hers. Anyway, we are in love. She is laying at Bruce’s feet in the family room with a beautiful constant smile.

-Diana J.


Emmy, age 9, adopted 9/09

Emmy is spectacular!  What a great gift!  She is  in charge!!  What a happy little being….She leads a very, very busy life keeping every one in line…Gwen still tries to give her a run for the money but Emmy is more than up for the challenge..Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful gift.

-Noranne F.


Apply to adopt Ginger

Ginger, age 10, adopted 4/10

I just wanted to give you an update on Ginger - she is just wonderful and we love her so much!  Everyone is getting along very well; it’s like she’s been with us forever.  We cannot thank you enough.



Apply to adopt Harry

Harry, age 11, adopted 4/10

Adopted 4-4-10: Here are some pictures of Harry who is adjusting quite nicely to his new home. Harry is doing great. I think he is feeling good! Harry says “Peace Out”!

-Jennifer W.


Apply to adopt Layla

Layla, age 10, adopted 4/10

All the family got to meet Layla and they all love her – including Lester and Chloe (the puggles). Ryan even fed her some venison sausage. He was eating it and she has an excellent sniffer. Boy did she seek him out and wouldn’t leave him alone. The kids just love her! I normally sit in my reclining chair, but chose the couch last night and she sat down by me. Did you know she burps after she eats! That’s the only noise I have heard her make. I put a blanket by the side of my bed for her and we went to sleep. She slept all night on the blanket by my bedside. We took a small walk. Then we settled down in my granddaughter’s bedroom to check my emails and write this one to you. She is laying down at my side and has been here for almost an hour.

-Linda K.


Apply to adopt Leo

Leo, age 10, adopted 2/10

Leo sits in my chair with me and cuddles with me while I watch tv. He sleeps in my bed at night and is my constant companion. He is so cute.

-Iona H.


Max, age 10, adopted 9/09

Max, age 10, adopted 9/09

Hello, just wanted to let you know Max is doing great.  He is currently taking a beginning agility class with our other puppy.  He is loving it. He is great, everywhere we take him they say what a great dog he is.  I think my dad would take him if he could.  He is a darling dog.  And, of course, THANK YOU FOR SAVING OUR DOG!!!!  He’s perfect.  We only wish we had gotten him sooner.

-John & Cary A.


Apply to adopt Missy

Missy, age 9, adopted 3/10

Missy is a super dog. She is a happy girl and walking her is a pleasure. We’ve already made many new friends on our walks. She particularly likes the little French Bulldog, he’s so charming. Thanks for everything!

-  Dorothy M.


Pumpkin, age 12, adopted 12/09

Pumpkin, age 12, adopted 12/09

Well it will be a month tomorrow and  her personality is starting to come out – she does like to sleep a lot.  She runs a lot more and her tail is wagging more and more – her spirits are high…She does let me pet & kiss her and she eats very well…in fact, she has a small meal in the a.m. & evening meal.  She also gets little tiny treats of chicken that she relishes. Here are some pics of Pumpkin after today’s grooming….when she came back in the house and we put her down…she just ran and ran and her tail was wagging so I know it didn’t traumatize her (only the groomer :) … she looks so much better w/shorter hair – she just looks like a happier doggie.  I’ll keep you posted on her progress.

- Iris & Craig P.


Rusty, now Ginger, age 8, adopted 10/08

I often think about how thankful I am that you guys rescued Ginger. She’s our little princess and we love her so very much. She’s doing great. Do you remember how full figured she was (heehee)…well, she’s fit and trim and weighing in around 48lbs… She really is a happy girl and makes us really happy too! You should see her when Matt comes home from work. Oh my gosh, get out of the way because she can’t contain her excitement! I think it was love at first sight for her when she saw him! :)

-Tricia & Matt E.


Apply to adopt Savannah

Savannah, age 9, adopted 3/10

Savannah is wonderful! She was a little quiet when we first brought her home, but has since started showing her great personality. The girls at our vet’s office think she is lying about her age since she is so fun & energetic.  She is getting along splendidly with our other pup, Tommy Lee, and has been a great addition to our family.

-Megan S.

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