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Dog Adoption Policy

All of our adoptable dogs are located in private foster homes. Dogs are available for viewing by appointment only after an adoption application is submitted and approved.

To adopt from Young at Heart Pet Rescue, you must:

- Be 21 years of age.

- Have landlord’s permission to have a pet (we will check!)

- Have taken good care of any current or previous pets and have taken them in regularly for check-ups (we’ll speak with your vet!)

- Have an ID with current address.

- Have an adoption application approved by a Young at Heart staff member.

- If you are out of state, you must have had pets prior to adopting from Young at Heart and have a veterinary reference. Some breeds of dogs will be restricted to in-state adoptions only.

Because we strive to make both our adoptable pets AND our adopting families as happy as possible, you may not always be able to adopt the pet you have fallen in love with online. Though it is easy to fall in love with a picture, in real life, you may not be a good match for each other. But don’t worry! We will help you find a dog or cat that matches what you are looking for so that you and your new furry companion can have a happily ever after!

Adoption fee for dogs: $175


Your companion will already be spayed or neutered, tested negative for Heartworm, given all veterinarian recommended vaccines including a 1 year Rabies Vaccine, a 24PetWatch microchip, a senior wellness chemistry panel, and 30 days of free ShelterCare pet insurance. Many of our adoptable companions also receive dental procedure, and any other procedure necessary to get your canine companion ready for adoption! Any known medical or behavioral conditions are listed.

All of our adoptable companions come with a 14-day Money Back Guarantee.

To be considered for one of our adoptable companions, please fill out an adoption application and fax it to 847.890.6404.


Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Check out these other seniors in need of homes!


Apply to adopt Daytona

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Hi! I’m Daytona 500! Yep, that is the world’s Most Awesome Name, given to me, the 500th senior pet rescued by Young at Heart, by volunteer Mitch Mathy. Yessir, 500 is a big number when you’re talking about senior pets saved, and I couldn’t be more proud to be the big 5-0-0! I’ve been waiting a very long time for the perfect someone to adopt me, but once you meet me, I will win you over with my charming personality! I am a very sweet and snuggly collie/lab mix, and have professional training to boot! I am picky about my canine friends, so a home without any other dogs or perhaps one very mellow dog would be best for me. I am impeccably housebroken, great on a leash, very social with people, and love to be a part of the family. I love walks and car rides, and am a great buddy! I am healthy and oh-so-loveable, and now all I need is a family to love!


Apply to adopt Jersey

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Hello, Jersey girl here. I may look like a classic tri-color beagle in these photos but I’m actually a treeing walker coon hound – or fox hound – mix, or so I’m told. Okay, basically that means I’m a tall, super-sized beagle, if you must. I could drop a little weight off my 70+++ pound frame and my foster family is working on that with extra walks and a little less food. Which is fine by me – I LOVE walks and I am not one of those food-crazy hounds, I just gently and slowly eat what they give me and am satisfied with that.

No, I’m not from Jersey. I was adopted from a rural Western Illinois shelter a few years ago and life was good until my former person passed away and there was no one around to take me in. The shelter folks noticed how gentle I am and started using me to temperament test the newcomers since I’m not easily ruffled. One fine day recently, the Young At Heart rescue van came to town and I was one of the lucky pooches who got to hop in for a ride to a new start in life! I am WONDERFUL in the car, by the way.

I am 8 years old and super healthy. I am friendly and gentle but skittish about some things which my foster folks are trying to figure out. Like I love the outside but at night I don’t really want to be out there on my own. Or if the garbage can lid clanks and I’m nearby, I may jump. And I am camera shy which makes it hard to capture my full beauty on film. Maybe when I lose a few more pounds, I won’t be as embarrassed to be photographed! I’m not a big cuddler but I like to sit near you and prefer to be in the room you’re in. I have a playful side which I don’t get much chance to use here with the lazy old beagles in my foster home, but you should see me lumber around and do the “play bow” and throw myself on the ground to roll in the grass. I’m large enough that it kind of looks like slow motion to my people! I went to a dog park recently and had a BLAST running all over and playing with others my size. And then I needed to sniff the perimeter like any good hound must do in a new space.

I don’t use my voice much – foster mom hopes to hear it one day to see if it’s as low-pitched as my size would indicate, but I’m keeping that secret to myself for the time being. I really like other dogs and might appreciate having one that will play with me, but I could be an only dog as well since that’s what I was used to. There are no cats here in my foster home but the people who run the shelter said I didn’t react to them at all, “shows no interest in cats” is what they put on their form, but since I can’t read, I don’t know what that means so you can interpret for yourself.

Fill out an adoption application at and make me your new Jersey girl!


Apply to adopt Joey

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Hello Everybody!! I’m Joey and I am a big boy who is FULL of LOTS of love!! I am a 11-year-old Rottweiler mix and I am new to the rescue. My foster mom is still getting to know me but so far, all I hear her saying how wonderful and sweet I am. I love people and other dogs and will need a little help on the leash because I am so excited to meet them and will pull a little bit. I’m a smart and obedient boy and am quickly learning that I need to be a bit more polite with my leash manners. Once adopted, I hope you’ll help me continue to learn! I am healthy, housebroken, great in the crate and travel well in the car. My friends at Young at Heart will post more information about me once I’m in foster a bit longer but that’s no reason why you shouldn’t come meet me. I have so much love to give and I can’t wait to share it with my forever family!! Medical Note: On hold for new arrival medical testing


Apply to adopt Julia

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Are you looking for a super sweet and gentle dog? Well, look no further than me, Julia, a 7 year old Cock-a-Poo. I was surrendered to a local shelter because my person was moving and wouldn’t take me with them, and I have to admit that my heart is broken. I am such a good dog and can’t understand why they left me behind. Everyone here at Young at Heart is making sure to let me know everything is going to be okay and that my forever family is out there just waiting for me. I hope that’s true because I can’t wait to meet them, I have so much love to share. I’ll be heading off to my foster home very soon, so please stay tuned for updates. And, if you cannot wait until then, please do not hesitate to contact the rescue to find out how you can meet me. My greatest wish is to find a family who will love me forever and I hope that might be you!! Love, Julia.


Apply to adopt Midnight

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Hi there, I’m Midnight a 7 year old Terrier mix. I was surrendered to a local shelter because my person could no longer afford to keep me. My person even signed a consent form to have me euthanized but thankfully the good people at the shelter let Young at Heart know about me so that I could have a second chance. And, boy am I thankful for that!! I am a fun little guy and my pictures do not do me justice, under all that hair is one cute little guy! And, while the picture makes me look like a medium-sized dog, I’m actually on the small size at 12lbs. I’m very new to the rescue, so more information and pictures will be posted soon, but we do know that I am a very healthy boy. Once I get to my foster home, we’ll be sure to let you know all about me. Please stay tuned for updates, as I hope you’ll consider making me a permanent member of your family. Love, Midnight.

Oliver-On Medical Hold

Apply to adopt Oliver-On Medical Hold

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Hel-rooooo!! It’s me, Oliver, and I CANNOT wait to meet my forever family! I am an 8-year-old Lab/heeler mix, and I am so grateful for my second chance at a happily ever. I came from the city shelter after I was found roaming the streets alone, which was no place for a super sweet boy like me. Since being rescued, I have been hanging out with my foster dad and he is telling everyone what a good boy I am. I love my canine foster siblings, I am great on the leash, do well on car rides and am house trained. I’m super snuggly and think I am a lap dog, but will gladly settle for being your foot warmer. I’m doing a great job of this already, as I love to snuggle up under my foster dad’s desk at his feet while he works from home. When I’m not snuggling, I love to dance and sing for treats – I prance around and say “roo roo roooo”. I’m just the sweetest guy who has LOTS of love to give and I promise I’ll bring you many, many smiles. Please find out how you can be my forever family. Just ask for Oliver!


Apply to adopt Pearl

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Really, how cute am I? I mean, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but look at me! I’m a lean, mean snugglin’ machine! I’m Pearl, and I am the sweet pea you’ve been looking for! I am a 8 year old rat terrier mix who is great in the house, very dog-friendly, and loves people! I am a very well-mannered young lady, and I would love nothing but a home where we can go for walks, I can keep you company, and I can be loved. I love snuggling on the couch with you, and do just fine with gentle kids. Certainly you must have room for little ole me on your couch? Your bed? Your lap? Please? I can’t wait to have a family of my own. Is that you?


Apply to adopt Scrappy

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Hi, it’s me, Scrappy! I am brand new to the rescue and I am one cute little guy! I haven’t quite made it to my foster home yet but when I do, we’ll be sure to post all kinds of new information about me. So far, though, we do know that I am a healthy guy who is good with other dogs. As common with little dogs like me, I do have luxating patellas that cause me to limp from time to time but it’s nothing that effects my quality of life, it just slows me down a little every now and then. I’m sure you can’t resist my sweet little face, so why don’t you call the rescue to see how you can make me yours? Just ask for Scrappy, I can’t wait to meet you!


Apply to adopt Sunny

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Hi there, I’m Sunny a 10 year old yellow Lab. Can you believe that a great dog like me ended up in the shelter? Well, after my person moved somewhere that doesn’t allow dogs, I did end up there and now I’m looking for a family who will never leave me behind again. I’m a sweet boy who is good with other dogs, I think cats are my friends and I love walks – I’m a great boy on the leash. I will need a little help with manners as I like to beg at the table and counter surf, but it’s nothing a smart dog like me can’t learn the rules about. I’ll be going to my foster home very soon and will post more information as everyone gets to know me better but that shouldn’t stop you from calling the rescue to find out how you can meet me. I can’t wait to find my forever family and look forward to meeting you!! Love, Sunny.


Apply to adopt Wendy

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Hi there, I’m Wendy and I am a 10 year old Rottweiler mix. I am a sweet, gentle and quiet girl who just wants someone to love and to be loved. I am sometimes a little shy around dogs I don’t know, but with a little time, I warm up just fine and I have become fast friends with my foster brother. I am also a good girl with kitties!! I love going on walks and I am house trained. I am such a gentle soul. I came to the rescue after my family moved and left me behind and all alone in an empty house. You would think I’d be scared to be alone after that ordeal, but I’m not. I have so much love to give and cannot wait to find a family who will never leave me behind again. Could that be you?


Apply to adopt Wrigley

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Hi there! Well, who is THIS little cutie patootie, you ask? I’m Wrigley, a very cute, very sweet little chihuahua/terrier mix that was rescued from a city shelter when my time was “up” – whew! That was close! Now a little about me: I’m quite the little charmer! I loooove people and other dogs, and have learned to live with kitties (I know now that they are NOT for tasting!). I am around 8 years old, and pretty cute, if I do say so myself! I am really good with other dogs and enjoy going for walks, too. I am crate-trained and housebroken, and am such a little snuggler. I can’t wait to find my new family!

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