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What if senior dogs and cats had a comfortable place to wait in the space of time between where their old lives ended and their new lives await? What if a there was a shelter designed just for old bones with heated floors, orthopedic beds, and lots of warm sunlight? What if there was a place where senior dogs and cats could meet those people looking to adopt an older pet, both the younger computer-savvy adopters and the older, traditional in-person adopters? A place with walking trails, a swimming pond, and secure porches for fresh air and relaxation? A place that is only a shelter by definition, but by measure is a home away from home? This place exists on paper, and we hope that sooner rather than later, this place will exist on our 8 acres in Woodstock.

That’s where we need YOUR help. If everyone pitched in just a little, we could start building in the spring of 2014. That’s right, SPRING! We already have the amazing Pro Bono help of John Lazzara and his team of engineers, and the Pro Bono help of Matthias Jans architects for design and project management, saving us thousand upon thousands of dollars up front. Yes, it’s a long shot. Yes, we are competing against the “big guys” in the Chicago area for funding. But we can’t help but think that there are enough like-minded pet-lovers that believe that senior pets deserve a place where they don’t have to compete with puppies and kittens, they don’t have to sit on concrete or in metal cages, where they have all the time in the world to find their special someone. We hope you can picture it, because we’ve been picturing it for years, but now we need to make it happen. And YOU are the one who can make it so.

We’ve been working towards this goalImage and video hosting by TinyPic since the moment Young at Heart was founded in 2005, and to us, it feels like we’re crawling towards the finish line. I had someone ask me this morning – why not just ask your board to write a few checks and get it done? I had to giggle a little. Our board of directors is not a board full of millionaires who can simply write a six-figure check to make it happen. Instead, our board members work just as hard as any volunteer, working fundraisers and events, transporting senior pets wherever they need to go, baking dog treats in their kitchens to sell at the vet’s office, etc. But there isn’t one who doesn’t donate what they can to make our organization successful. And there isn’t one that wouldn’t whip out a checkbook and write a check for a million dollars to Young at Heart if they could. I think we have a lot of people who would do that if they could, and we are so grateful for the sentiment. Because that means we are doing something so important, and so needed, that those same people who would give a million dollars if they could give what they can, when they can. And that means the world to us!!

We have the BEST supporters in the world. From our 8 year old donor, Alyssa, who sends us $2 from her allowance every month, to our donors who have us written into their wills, and to everyone in between – YOU are the reason we’ve saved 600 senior pets from an untimely death, and YOU are the reason we are one step closer to building a safe haven for them.

I’m asking today that you help us make this safe haven for senior pets a reality. On top of your donations, we have a chance to receive up to $75,000 in additional donations from Please donate if you can, and then create your own fundraising page, and ask your pet-loving friends to give a little, too. We got this far by being a grassroots organization that went against the grain for senior pets. They deserve a safe haven. We can do this if we do it together.

Thank you for taking the next step. Click here to donate or to join the fundraising team:
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A Home Away From Home
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